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Dr. Monica Pardo


Dr. Monica Pardo has been practicing General Dentistry for over 10 years.  She completed her undergraduate studies at UCLA, earning a bachelor of science in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics. Dr. Pardo went on to pursue her doctor of dental surgery degree at UCLA School of Dentistry, a top dental school in the country. As a student, Dr. Pardo was very involved in volunteering her time to provide free dental work and education to under-served communities of Los Angeles. She was chosen among her classmates to represent her school in Japan, where she was honored to visit top dental schools of that country and learn latest Japanese dental techniques. She is constantly completing studies in Aesthetic, Reconstructive, and Implant Dentistry. Dr. Pardo has always shown great commitment to her community and education; she served  as a part-time faculty member at the UCLA School of Dentistry, where she taught clinical restorative dentistry to junior and senior dental students. She has a genuine passion for what she does, and strives to improve her skills in order to provide the best quality in dental care for her patients.

Dr. Monica Pardo founded Pardo Dentistry in 2014 as a start-up General Dentistry Practice.  Her mission was to offer the best patient experience, by providing caring, honest, up-to-date quality dentistry at a fair cost. This mission has been accomplished over the years, thanks to the amazing team of dental professionals that work with her, and our commitment to treat our patients like they were family.  Dr. Pardo spends her free time with her two kids and enjoys handcrafts and cooking. 

Dr. Monica Pardo is a member of various organizations, such as American Dental Association (ADA), California Dental Association (CDA), Hispanic Dental Association (HDA), San Gabriel, Valley Dental Society, to name a few

Dr. Myriam Pardo


Dr. Myriam Pardo has more than 30 years of experience as a General Dentist. She graduated in 1982 from the Colegio Odontologico Colombiano, in her home country Colombia. In 2002 she earned her Dental Licence in California, after rigorous studying and passing several Board Written and Practical Examinations. She has been practicing General Dentistry as a private practitioners in Los Angeles area ever since, but has devoted her Continuing Education Studies in the area of Endodontics. She has completed several higher education courses at prestigious Universities, like UCLA, USC and Loma Linda University.  With her vast knowledge and experience in the General Dentistry fields, Dr. Myriam is a great asset to our dental family!

Dr Myriam has a gentle hand and a caring heart. Under her care, you will be pleased to know she will look out for your comfort and the best for your oral health. In our practice, she is dedicated to perform Root Canal Therapies, considering her vast knowledge and practice in this field. 



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It had been almost 10 years since I my last visit to the dentist. I am one of those with "dental phobia", but thanks to Dr. Pardo and her employees I have overcome my fear!

The office is always clean, bright, and welcoming. Nelcy, is usually who you first encounter and she always makes you feel welcomed. Dr. Pardo and her employees have always made me feel comfortable while in the dental chair. They also offer you Bluetooth headphones when getting a procedure done!

I highly recommend Dr. Pardo's office when looking for a new dentist in the Glendora area.

Brynne V.

My wife and I have been having this debate on dentists for a number of years. When she moved to my town, she started seeing my dentist. And she would always tell me 'your dentist sucks, I've had better!' I would argue that I've been going to my dentist for years - through college and now as an adult and I thought my dentist was just fine. But I really had no other dentist, so I didn't know any better. Reluctantly, my wife decided to just stay with my dentist, because they were nearby and we only saw them twice a year for cleanings anyway. But then we moved and had kids and my wife said since we are now using her insurance, she gets to pick the dentist. I begrudgingly agreed. Let me just say, she was right (pause for wife's 'I-told-you-so-look'). I am so glad we changed!

Looking back, my old dentist wasn't as personable and as gentle as Dr. Pardo and her hygienists. For a long time, I just thought all the discomfort I went through was just a part of regular dentistry. I was so wrong. I was never asked so many times how I was doing or if I was feeling any discomfort. My old dentist and her hygienist often leaned on my shoulder or face during cleanings. And when they flossed me, they would cause my gums to bleed. I never really gave it much thought until it stopped happening. Dr. Pardo and her hygienist were very conscious about patient comfort and care. And after years with my old dentist, it was very refreshing. Dr. Pardo is also very knowledgeable in her practice- often giving tips, suggestions and great advice when it came to our oral care. She is also great with our kids. She is very patient and understanding and puts them at ease at every appointment, but will still go after them when it comes to brushing and flossing. I highly recommend Pardo Dentistry if you're looking for a dentist. You will not be disappointed!

Alvin D.

This was my first visit with my new dentist. I was very impressed with the office and staff.

The office is well kept and clean. I felt very relaxed in there. The dental equipment looked to be modern and well cared for. The music over the overhead speakers was relaxing and contemporary.

The office staff and dental assistants are personable and professional. They were friendly and easy to talk with.

Doctor Pardo is youthful and energetic. She seems to enjoy her profession. She listens well and provides easy to understand descriptions of her observations and thoughts. She's also open and eager to answering questions.

Even more important, she seems to have a steady hand and cool demeanor. Can't wait to experience her skills with a hypodermic needle. WAIT!! I can wait.

Chris C.

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