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It had been almost 10 years since I my last visit to the dentist. I am one of those with "dental phobia", but thanks to Dr. Pardo and her employees I have overcome my fear!

The office is always clean, bright, and welcoming. Nelcy, is usually who you first encounter and she always makes you feel welcomed. Dr. Pardo and her employees have always made me feel comfortable while in the dental chair. They also offer you Bluetooth headphones when getting a procedure done!

I highly recommend Dr. Pardo's office when looking for a new dentist in the Glendora area.

Brynne V.

My wife and I have been having this debate on dentists for a number of years. When she moved to my town, she started seeing my dentist. And she would always tell me 'your dentist sucks, I've had better!' I would argue that I've been going to my dentist for years - through college and now as an adult and I thought my dentist was just fine. But I really had no other dentist, so I didn't know any better. Reluctantly, my wife decided to just stay with my dentist, because they were nearby and we only saw them twice a year for cleanings anyway. But then we moved and had kids and my wife said since we are now using her insurance, she gets to pick the dentist. I begrudgingly agreed. Let me just say, she was right (pause for wife's 'I-told-you-so-look'). I am so glad we changed!

Looking back, my old dentist wasn't as personable and as gentle as Dr. Pardo and her hygienists. For a long time, I just thought all the discomfort I went through was just a part of regular dentistry. I was so wrong. I was never asked so many times how I was doing or if I was feeling any discomfort. My old dentist and her hygienist often leaned on my shoulder or face during cleanings. And when they flossed me, they would cause my gums to bleed. I never really gave it much thought until it stopped happening. Dr. Pardo and her hygienist were very conscious about patient comfort and care. And after years with my old dentist, it was very refreshing. Dr. Pardo is also very knowledgeable in her practice- often giving tips, suggestions and great advice when it came to our oral care. She is also great with our kids. She is very patient and understanding and puts them at ease at every appointment, but will still go after them when it comes to brushing and flossing. I highly recommend Pardo Dentistry if you're looking for a dentist. You will not be disappointed!

Alvin D.

This was my first visit with my new dentist. I was very impressed with the office and staff.

The office is well kept and clean. I felt very relaxed in there. The dental equipment looked to be modern and well cared for. The music over the overhead speakers was relaxing and contemporary.

The office staff and dental assistants are personable and professional. They were friendly and easy to talk with.

Doctor Pardo is youthful and energetic. She seems to enjoy her profession. She listens well and provides easy to understand descriptions of her observations and thoughts. She's also open and eager to answering questions.

Even more important, she seems to have a steady hand and cool demeanor. Can't wait to experience her skills with a hypodermic needle. WAIT!! I can wait.

Chris C.

Having not been to the dentist this century, Dr. Pardo and staff have worked miracles. I can now smile in public. It has been a pleasant experience to the extent that I no longer dread going to the dentist. I refer this office when ever presented the opportunity. That is the tooth.

Ernest C.

Super excited to have Dr. Pardo right by my office. I had a great check up and cleaning. I definitely will come back and recommend Dr. Pardo and her office.

Desiree E.

Let me start out by saying that before this office, I have always dreaded going to the dentist and have put it off repeatedly. I'm guilty of only brushing my teeth once or twice a day and rarely, if ever floss. Each time I go to the dentist, I usually get scolded about how I should be flossing daily. I know I should ... I really do.

So I haven't been to the dentist in a couple years (In my defense, I was pregnant for a large part of that and when you're prego, you could only really get a cleaning and that's its ... I *should* have gotten that done, but like I said, I dread the dentist). Before I got pregnant, I had gone to another dentist office and they wanted to do a TON of work on me! After insurance, it was going still going to cost $3K!!! What did I have? Nothing, no cavities no nothing ... They wanted to replace ALL my fillings because the ones I have are old, also wanted to upgrade me to the white fillings. Granted, when I was a teenager, I got a ton of cavities and that was a long time ago, so yes, they probably do need to be replaced ... but every single one of them? Anyway, I didn't do the work and told myself I wouldn't go there again.

I came to yelp and found Dr. Monica Pardo. She had amazing reviews so I gave it a shot. She really is amazing! It is the BEST experience I've ever had a dentist office, hands down! 1st, I didn't spend forever waiting in the waiting room. The assistant took my x-rays and the Dr looked at my teeth and x-rays. I wasn't yelled at or scolded ever. Instead I was welcomed by her and the entire staff! She recommended I get a couple of my old fillings replaced (but not all!). She did the cleaning on me immediately. I then made an appointment to return another day to do the fillings (which by the way, are also going to be white fillings and each filling after my insurance is going to cost me $20-$20 bucks!) It was PERFECT! I have NEVER been to a dentist office from when I walk in to when I walk out its within an hour!

This doctor might actually change my mind about how I feel about going to the dentist. :) She is super nice and gentle and the office is cute and very clean. The staff also seems super nice. One other MAJOR plus is that they are open on Saturdays! (its so difficult finding a GOOD dentist office that is open on weekends). I actually wont have an excuse about not being able to make it to the dentist office :)

M M.

Monica is sweet professional dentist I have ever met! So glad that my husband refer her to me.

Lu L.

I have lived in Glendora over a year now and I've been going to Dr. Pardo's office for all of my dental needs since 2014. I have been to Dr. Pardo's office for various dental procedures and every time I leave her office I am feeling great. She has cleaned my teeth (routine), done a deep cleaning, taken x-rays, done composite fillings, removed coffee stains (I love my coffee) and performed teeth whitening.

It's fair to say that her attention to detail, knowledge and very warm personality have made it very easy for me to continue coming back to her office. Her staff is also very knowledgeable and attentive.

If you're looking for a caring, honest, knowledgeable and clean dental office that is fairly priced, you need to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Pardo's office, you will be very happy that you did.

Yes, this is my first review on Yelp, however, it's not my first time providing feedback on a business. I have worked many classified DoD programs in the past and currently support several NASA missions. So yes, you can trust me when I say that Dr. Pardo's office is the place to be when you need great dental results.

Raul G.

found this dentist thru yelp. I agree with everyone on here. I honestly hate going to the dentist. Most of the time it's been a traumatic experience for me. They always tell me a million things I need to get done. When I walked in to dr.pardo office it was super clean and the equipment was up to date. Her staff was so friendly and help put me at ease. She didn't try to oversell me on anything. I had 3 cavity and she got it taken care of with no discomfort at all. Also very affordable. This was by far the best experience I had so far. I would recommend her to my friends and family. First time I actually look forward to going to the dentist m up coming 6 month check up. Thank you Dr.Pardo!!!!

Ashley L.

Wanna say Dr. Prado is very good at her profession and very courteous and nice. Went for a couple of things today not only did she take care of me , but she did it really quick. And perfect outcome on my teeth. I recommend her for your dental needs. I will take my future business to Dr. Prado , very pleased with my experience. Thanks Dr. Monoca Prado and her staff.

Jimmy E.

I love this Dentist! Dr. Pardo is so sweet and a very very good dentist! Nelcy, the receptionist, is the best! She's always so nice and friendly. The overall environment is excellent too.

CAitlyn S.

Let me start off with this:
I have 3 kids, 2 are crazy wild! 1 is 16 and more behaved! Dr. Pardos office took on all 5 of my tribe!
My husband my 3 naughties and myself! We went in for check ups and from the first phone call, until we walked out the door (goodie bags in hand) great experience!!
The office staff was great! No attitudes like other dental offices I've been to! Dr Pardo was sweet and informative! Very very professional and welcoming!

**If I could give 10 stars I would!!**

Misty S.

I looked up local dentists in my area and came across Dr. Monica Pardo on Yelp, all reviews were excellent and after coming to her for regular check ups for over a year now, I am pleased with the service from this dental office. Dr. Pardo is awesome, the equipment for x-rays and teeth cleaning are top of the line, state of the art and up to date. Everyone here is very nice and friendly. One of the main reasons I love coming here is Dr. Pardo is a UCLA alumni and that to me is important as she has a wonderful background. I also think its great we get a nice cleaning kit every time I visit.

Rachelle C.

I'm a student in the area from the east coast and needed a new local dentist. After many recommendations for Dr. Pardo's office I decided to book my appointment. I was excited to get my appointment within the week and was amazed when I arrived at the cleanliness of the facility located on Glendora ave. as a new patient I only needed to fill out 2 quick medical papers and they took me right back for my afternoon appointment. The staff was knowledgable and answered all my questions about what they were doing and the state of the art equipment they were using. It was so cool to see my teeth on the screen instantly after X-rays and the following cleaning was quick. Dr Pardo realized that I needed a filling and explained the whole process to me and I am reassured that my teeth are in great care. Overall I am very impressed and am proud to claim Dr. Pardo's office my new dentist of choice. You should too!

Jessica G.

It has taken me 4 years since I moved from NJ to find a good dentist. A over all great experience getting 3 cavities filled, teeth cleaning and some other dental work.

I'm very pleased and happy I chosen Dr. Pardo's office. The yelp reviews happen to be very accurate.

This can be simply stated.
- Honest upfront pricing
- Very clean and equipment / software seems to be up to date.
- Quick and effective
- Personable
- Dr. Pardo and her staff are very professional

I don't yelp often now days, but when I do, it's about a excellent experience.

Matthew I.

Loved going to Dr Prado. I have been afraid to visit the dentist before. But she makes me feel very comfortable. Had a my filling fall out and she was able to fixed it. No pain or discomfort during the process. I have been to other dentist in the area and have paid a arm and a leg for very simple procedures. Dr Prado is very honest and does a great job! Looking forward to my next visit.

Lucee V.

I had not been to a dentist in over 10 years due to a traumatic experience. She is kind her staff makes you feel comfortable and she is more than fair on prices. She goes out of her way to exhaust all your options with your insurance and will make special arrangements to her schedule to suit your needs for appointments. By far the best dental experience I have had in my adult life. I had to go for almost 6 months straight to get caught up on all my dental work and I will go for many more years to come.

Nicole B.

The fillings in my wife's last tooth is out and the tooth is broken in lunch.
I booked an appointment yesterday, then today I reached there on time to meet Dr. Monica.
very nice, her assistant prepare a whole mouth x-ray photos in advance, and then Dr. Monica ask us what happened on the tooth, then give a keen check, one tooth by one tooth. except above mentioned tooth, she also found other 2 tooth need fix,
then a treat plan is ready for us, I think the price is reasonable , She did not push us, let us make decision. we ever want a Onlay restoration, while according the status of this tooth, it need root canals and thus a following crown is needed.
She is very kind and professional. recommend 5 stars!

Bruce Z.

I found Dr Pardo on yelp:) I walk in the staff is super friendly and welcoming and the office is really really clean They take me back to the room and I loved how everything is high tech. The X-ray machine is in the room so you don't have to go from room to room. I also loved how there was a tv in front of me and she took the time to show me exactly what I needed!

I highly recommend this dentist office! They are super gentle and affordable as well! So happy that I found a dentist that I'm so comfortable with!

Aloulou O.

Dr.Pardo is hands down the best dentist i've been to in the last 15 years. First off the staff is very professional and friendly.Oh, and the office is spotless, so they get extra points for that. Dr.Pardo is gentle and thorough unlike previous dentist that I swear love to serve up the pain. DR.Pardo filled 4 or 5 cavities, did a deep cleaning and not once was i uncomfortable or in any pain. I've found my new permanent dentist. Highly recommend Dr. PARDO.


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