Smile Gallery

Upper Incisors all Ceramic Crowns, replacing old-worn-down bonding.

 Invisalign- Gap closure in 6 months

 Invisalign- lower anterior crowding correction in 6 months

 Ceramic crowns in 4 upper front teeth

 6 unit fixed Bridge

 3 unit bridge on lower anterior teeth

Replacement of missing tooth with an Implant.

 Invisalign- minor alignment of lower anterior teeth in less than 6 months

 Incisal edge correction with bonding, no anesthetic needed. 

Pediatric case- fracture of upper central corrected with bonding, no anesthetic needed.


 Replacement of old Porcelain Fused to Metal crowns for All Ceramic Crowns

6 unit bridge with All Ceramic Crowns

Complete Dentures placed on the same day of extractions.